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What is a Nohô Nomad?

A Nohô Nomad is one who reserves the share of a Nohô Host.

What is the definition of a share?

A share is a meeting between a Host and one or several Nomads (up to 6 people in a single group) based on a passion or profession.

What are the rules of a share?
  • The Nomad must adhere to the Nohô terms and conditions and values.
  • The Host must not ask for money from the Nomad for the share, he is compensated directly by Nohô.
  • Any requests for money, outside of the price of the share, must be detailed and explained by the Host in the short description on his share.
  • When a Nomad books a share, he books the time slot chosen exclusively for him and the people who are accompanying him.
  • In a Share the Host cannot receive Nomads from different groups. For example: Nomad X books the slot from 3pm to 7pm, Nomad Y cannot book this slot, he must therefore choose another.
  • The Nomad and the Host must show willingness in order to conform with the hospitality and sharing required by Nohô.
  • Nohô reserves the right to remove a share and ban a Host or a Nomad who does not adhere to the Nohô terms and conditions  and values.
How do you find a share?

From the application you can locate yourself and find shares around you which appear on the map. You can also do a search via the Nohô search engine on the website or application.

How do you book a share?
  • Choose your share on the map or on the list
  • Click on it to see the details of the share.
  • Click on “See availability periods”.
  • Choose a period on the calendar then book an available time slot.
  • Once the time slot is booked you can suggest a share start time to your Host.
  • Once you have chosen a start time, an email and notification are sent to your Host so that they can confirm your request.
  • Once your request is confirmed by the Host you must pay for your share to be put in contact with your Host via the internal chat
  • As such, you can prepare for your arrival and enjoy your share.
How much does a share cost?

A share that can accommodate up to 6 people in the same group costs the single fee of €35, whatever the category of the share. This price includes compensation for the Host and Nohô’s networking expenses.

How do I pay for my share?

Directly from the app or the website via your credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or with your American Express card.

What happens if I cannot attend the share?

You must warn the Host via the Nohô chat straight away, without cancelling your share, and, as such, arrange another time or date. As such, you will avoid the cancellation fees. Please note that the Nohô chat cuts off after the booked share has ended.

How do I cancel my share booking?

Nothing could be more simple. On the website or the Nohô app, go to your profile, “Nomad” page, and then the “My approved shares” page. You will find the list of your shares with the option of cancelling your share and also talking with your Host via the Nohô chat. Take note of the cancellation time frame to be reimbursed.

Am I refunded if my share is cancelled?
  • If you cancel more than 24 hours before the start of the share:
    You receive a refund of € 30, sharing price (€ 35) minus the amount of the booking fee (€ 5).
  • If you cancel less than 24 hours before the start of the share:
    You will not be refunded and the Host receives the share amount as though you had participated in it.
  • If you do not turn up at the start of the share or if you cancel after:
    You are not refunded and the Host receives the share amount as though you had participated in it.
  • If the Host does not turn up for the share, you are refunded for the entirety of the share price (€ 35).
  • If the Host cancels the share 48 hours before the start time, you are refunded for the entirety of the share price (€ 35).
What happens if the Host is not there?

You must submit a report to Nohô, and if, after checks, the Host was absent, you will therefore be reimbursed for the price of your share.

What happens if the Host does not respect Nohô’s values?

You must report it to Nohô:

  • In “My approved shares” by clicking on the “Reporting” button.
  • On the app and on the website during or after your share you have the option of reporting a Host who has behaved poorly or has not attended to us
  • In the event of serious behavior towards you, you must lodge a complaint with the competent authorities.
  • After checks Nohô will be able to ban the Host from the app and the website.

More info at “Behavior subject to reporting” and “Nohô’s values”


Am I insured during my share?

During your share your personal insurance operates. You will find the details of the terms of use by clicking on this link.

How do I give my review on a Host and their share?

At the end of the share, Nohô gives you the option of leaving your review of the share and the Host that you have just met.

Can a Nomad become a Host?

You can become a Host at any time and you can also share your life experience with our Nomad community.

What is the age required to be a Nomad?

You must be an adult. Adulthood is the definition in force in the country where you are undertaking your share.

How do I sign up?

From our website or the application click on “Sign up” on the navigation bar. When you try to create a share or take part in a share, we automatically suggest you sign up. Don’t forget to fully complete your Nohô profile with a nice photo of yourself and as accurate a description as possible.