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What is a Nohô Host?

A Nohô Host is one who accepts to share his life with other people.

What is the definition of a share?

A share is a meeting between a Host and one or several Nomads (up to 6 people in a single group) based on a passion or profession

What are the rules of a share?
  • The Nomad must adhere to the Nohô terms and conditions and values.
  • The Host must not ask for money from the Nomad for the share, he is compensated directly by Nohô.
  • Any requests for money, outside of the price of the share, must be detailed and explained by the Host in the short description on his share.
  • When a Nomad books a share, he books the time slot chosen exclusively for him and the people who are accompanying him.
  • In a Share the Host cannot receive Nomads from different groups. For example: Nomad X books the 3pm to 7pm slot, Nomad Y will not be able to book this slot, he must therefore choose another.
  • If the Host is available for the whole day, he must set aside several time slots for the same share in order to host several different groups of Nomads. And, as such, be compensated several times.
  • The Host and the Nomad must show willingness in order to conform with the hospitality and sharing required by Nohô.
  • Nohô reserves the right to remove a share and ban a Host or a Nomad who does not adhere to the Nohô terms and conditions and values.
How does contact with the Nomad work?

When a Nomad want to book your share, you receive an email, a notification and an SMS asking you to confirm or reject the Nomad’s request. Upon confirming the request, you proceed to the Nohô chat after the share has been paid for by the Nomad. This guarantees you payment of your €30.

How do you approve a share request?
  • When a Nomad chooses your share you receive an email, a notification and an SMS to request that you confirm or reject the request.
  • To confirm you must click on “GO” in the email or on the website/application go to “My messages” and click on “Shares to confirm”.
  • Your share is confirmed.
  • If the start time request for your share made by the Nomad does not suit you, you can change it and send it to the Nomad.
  • The Nomad will only pay the share price when you have agreed on the start time.
How much am I compensated?

The compensation for a share (which can accommodate up to 6 people in the same group) is €30 whatever the length of time you have set.

How does the payment of my compensation work?

On your record you save your bank details, then you receive the amount of €30 corresponding to the price of the share with a deduction made for Nohô networking fees via direct transfer to your account within a time frame of 24 to 48 hours after the end of your share.

How do I sign up?

From our website or the application click on “Sign up” on the navigation bar. When you try to create a share or take part in a share, we automatically suggest you sign up. Don’t forget to fully complete your Nohô profile with a nice photo of yourself and as accurate a description as possible.

How do I become a Host?

By registering on our app or website, and by offering a share related to your personal, professional, associative or sporting life.

At what age can I be a Host?

You must be an adult. Adulthood is the definition in force in the country where you are undertaking your share.

How do you create a share record?

You must click on the “Create a share” button, from there we support you in creating your first share. Consider giving detailed explanations and taking photos of yourself and your share.

How do I properly present and promote my share?
  • You must describe yourself, say who you are and the reasons that you are proposing the share.
  • Your share must be sufficiently detailed for a Nomad to want to follow you in your life.
  • Photos must be high quality and they must properly represent the share you are offering. Don’t forget that the Nomad will see your photos first.
How long does a share last?

The duration of share is chosen by the Host who receives the Nomad or Nomads. It varies depending on the share offered.

How do I know the number of Nomads that will participate in the share?

When creating your share, you must indicate the number of Nomads that you are accepting. When a Nomad books your share and you approve it you are placed in contact via the Nohô chat, after the Nomad pays for the share. At this point, you must ask the Nomad the number of people who will be accompanying him, within the limit noted on your share’s record.

What happens if the Nomad does not attend?

If the Nomad does not attend and they have not cancelled before the 24 hours prior to your meeting, you will accordingly receive your full compensation.

What happens if the Nomad does not respect Nohô values?

You must report it to Nohô:

  • In “My approved shares” by clicking on the “Reporting” button.
  • On the app and on the website during or after your share you have the option of reporting a Nomad who has behaved poorly or has not attended to us
  • In the event of serious behavior towards you, you must lodge a complaint with the competent authorities.
  • After checks Nohô will be able to ban the Nomad from the app and the website.

More info at “Behavior subject to reporting” and “Nohô’s values”


What happens if I cannot attend the meeting with the Nomad?

You must alert the Nomad via the Nohô chat and try to find another time slot or another date with them. If you cannot postpone the share, then it will be cancelled in accordance with the terms of use. See the Terms of use by clicking on this link.

What is my responsibility as a Host?

You must share Nohô’s values and ensure that your share does not place the Nomad or Nomads, who are accompanying you in your life, in danger. The Nomad is covered by personal insurance, but this does not exonerate you from any responsibility in the event of a problem. See the Terms of use by clicking on this link.

Can I be a Nomad?

Yes, as a Host you can share the life of another Host and become a Nomad.

How does my control panel work?

The control panel is there to support you in the pending actions on the website or the Nohô app. And as we think of you, a little reminder on your next shares appears there.