About Nohô

About Nohô


To use digital tools to quickly and easily bring together people who want to meet and share their lives and passions. To enable people to learn from each other’s differences, and to be enriched by their cultures and knowledge.

The desire to simplify exchanges, to see people meet to share their lives and learn from each other are the values of NOHÔ.

What does NOHÔ mean?

Quite simply a contraction of the words Nomad and Host. The Nomad is the one who travels, represented by the character ‘NO’ in red, the Host is the one who receives, represented by ‘HÔ’ in blue.

The story

Our story begins in Paris, where the two founders live. Thanks to his travels and his desire to share with the inhabitants of the countries or regions he visited, Marc Fauré (Ortin 96 Holding), the creator of the concept, envisaged facilitating meetings between travellers and locals. To make a success of his gamble, he asked one of his friends, Christophe Guendafa, to join him. They decided to team up with the web agency Lepressing and together they created NOHÔ.

2023 was an important year for Team Nohô, which decided to set up in Normandy on the premises of Imagile, the agency responsible for the technical development of the application. At the same time, Albane joined Team Nohô to develop the application as marketing manager.